GoCD Developer Documentation

This documentation is a work-in-progress which is not seeing much work at this point. Turns out documenting code is a bit of a wasteful process. If you are looking to contribute code, feel free to talk to the developers on Gitter.

The Getting Started page is probably the one that is most up-to-date and is useful to set your code up for local development.

Status Legend

  • Not Done NOT DONE
  • In Progress IN PROGRESS
  • Pending Review PENDING REVIEW
  • Done DONE


1. Concepts in GoCD

  • 1.1 Domain DONE
  • 1.2 Implementation NOT DONE

2. Getting Started

3. Technology Stack

4. Architecture of Go

5. Features

6. CD in practice

  • 6.1 Build GoCD Using GoCD NOT DONE
  • 6.2 Test Infrastructure NOT DONE
  • 6.3 Continuous Deployment NOT DONE

7. Miscellaneous

8. Writing Go Plugins

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