Message: Web Requests

From GoCD Version 16.8.0, Web Requests are supported only For Authentication Plugins.

This message is sent by the server, when it receives a web request with URL of form <go-server>/go/plugin/interact/<plugin-id>/<request-name>. GoCD Server simply delegates these requests to the plugin specified in the URL (plugin-id) with request name specified in the URL (request-name) along with all the request parameters & headers.

Request - From the server

Request name: Request name specified by URL

Request parameters: HTTP request parameters

Request headers: HTTP request headers

Request body: empty

Response - From the plugin

The plugin is expected to send a response, which is equivalent to HTTP response.

  • If plugin's reponse code is 200 then the GoCD Server serves content of Response body as HTTP response with Content-Type specified in Response headers (if not present this defaults to "text/html; charset=UTF-8")
  • If plugin's response code is 302 then the GoCD Server redirects the request to Location specified in Response headers

Response code: HTTP response code

Response headers: HTTP response headers

Response body: String if response code is 200, else empty

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