5.4 Compare pipeline

5.4.1 Overview

GoCD allows you to compare any two builds of a pipeline and see an aggregation of all the changes that happened between the two instances.

More information about this feature is available here.

5.4.2 Implementation

Note: This feature uses the concept of natural ordering Parameters

pipelineName : The name of the pipeline for comparision fromCounter : The pipeline counter (inclusive) to compare from. toCounter : The pipeline counter (inclusive) to compare uptil. Changesets

This feature displays the material changeset that have contributed between the counters under comparison. The changeset is determinded by

  1. loading all the MaterialRevisions between the two runs
  2. parsing the comment field of each material revision to obtain a list of mingle card numbers that are part of this changeset. The matcher is done as follows:
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("#(\\d+)");
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(comment); Mingle Gadget

This gadget follows the public specification set forth by Opensocial

If Mingle is configured, the mingle card numbers obtained in Changesets section is used to fetch the mingle gadget. Mingle acts as a gadget provider and serves back the content.

GoCD ships with a rails plugin named tw_studios_gadgets which is placed in <rails app>/vendor/plugins/tw_studios_gadgets. This rails plugin is responsible for requesting Mingle to serve out the gadget. Persistance

The table oauthclients holds the OAuth Gadget Provider details.

  • CLIENTID - Client ID generated by the gadget provider. In this case, Mingle.
  • CLIENTSECRET - Client Secret generated by the gadget provider.
  • REDIRECTURI - Redirect URI used for authorization/handshake.
                    |                             |
                    |        OAUTHCLIENTS         |
                    |                             |
                    |      ID (BIGINT)            |
                    |                             |
                    |      NAME (VARCHAR)         |
                    |                             |
                    |      CLIENTID (VARCHAR)     |
                    |                             |
                    |      CLIENTSECRET (VARCHAR) |
                    |                             |
                    |      REDIRECTURI (VARCHAR)  |
                    |                             |

5.4.3 Corner cases

This feature does not work in case of bisects. A bisect, in GoCD, means a split in the sequence of natural ordering. For example, if a user runs the pipeline using an older material revision, i.e., using "Trigger with Option", a bisect occurs in the timeline of the pipeline run with the chosen material revision.

Pipeline bisect and natural ordering

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